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Stunt Ranch
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Stunt Ranch Paintball Games
13317 Fitzhugh Rd.
Austin, Texas 78736
512) 843-3867
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Stunt Ranch Paintball is the ultimate combat paintball
experience, and the only paintball park in Austin. You’ll feel like
you’re in a real a combat zone as you navigate the bunkers,
machine gun towers, crashed vehicles, and sniper nests!

We currently have 4 active fields each styled after a different war
zone. Whether you are a new player or a “walk on” player, you don’
t need to bring a thing. We have a great selection of new and
rental guns, masks, HPA AIR/CO2, great paint pricing and helpful
referees, and our field fee, rental fee and paint prices are the best
value in central Texas!

We have a well trained, courteous staff, a comfortable staging
area with four different playing fields each with its own unique
feel, and on-site drinks and restrooms and shaded picnic area.
We love corporate events, team building experiences and private
parties – and we will open for groups of ten or more, any day of
the week, with advance notice.

Stunt Ranch Paintball is owned and operated by stunt and
special effects professionals. We can even enhance your military
simulation experience with real smoke and fire! You have NEVER
played like this!

Your 4-hour Paintball Pass includes: *Semi-auto Paintball
marker *Face-mask & Goggles *Referees & Strategy. Valid for
one full year. Use as a group or individually.
* Field Paint ONLY
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