Welcome to The Christian Paintball Fellowship!
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The Christian Paintball Fellowship was created to serve Church Youth Directors.

In 2005, we began a program to fill a request from several youth directors.
They didn't have large youth groups, yet wanted to have private events so they could focus on prayers
and fellowship with each other without  distraction.

By coordinating through Discount Family Fun, they were able to gather larger groups of kids from
many churches in order meet the minimum venue requirement of 10-20 players for private groups.

Now, almost 15 years later, The Christian Paintball Fellowship is coming to the forefront.
We are preparing our 1st event for Houston area Youth Directors and Pastors to come
fellowship with one another. Of course, we will have more events in the future to
involve the kids, but for now we want the leaders and directors to have a chance to
blow off some steam and make new connections together.

Stay tuned for more information, and please share the word with your church leaders.
We will cap the attendance for this first event between 30-40 players.

Scheduled for Sunday, 5Jan20 from 12-5 PM
Sponsored by Survival Game of Texas, Inc. & The Christian Paintball Fellowship.

Click HERE to Register for this event.

God bless,

John W. Bradley