Top 10 Reasons to Play Paintball

Top 10 Reasons to Play Paintball

  • Its a blast!
  • Great Family Activity!
  • Competitive, but even more fun.
  • Join the team, even with 1 or 2 players.
  • Rental gear is awesome; gets better every year.
  • Play year-round, especially in Texas.
  • Always designing new courses like Castles & Ghost Towns.
  • The Best “Team Building” events; great bonding & stories!
  • As a 50-year-old adult, I can still play with my kids.
  • Good exercise, adrenaline mixed w fear.

This is why I’ve been promoting Paintball for 25 years.
If you are a child at heart, come join the fun.

Play Paintball
Game on!

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4-Hour Session
(Use as a group or individually)

VALID through DEC 2017

Semi-auto Marker
Rules/Strategy Session
4-Hours of play



Tickets VALID for use through Dec 2017

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Texas Paintball Fields

For more info call- 800) 551-8540

Fishing with Dad.

The Sun Falls Slowly to Meet Sea and Sky…

With eternal patience, he sorts out the rat’s nest given him by his son.

17-inch Speckled Trout
Finally a 17 inch Keeper Speckled Trout

We hold our thumbs down hard on the spool as we throw line and lure to the sky. Two sand bars away, the splash… be ready. Tighten the line for a two-hook strike. Looking for whiting or trout or redfish to break the surface, pulling line from a reluctant reel. We wait. Dad fiddles, sweating in the surf. He would surely be complaining if not vacationing in his favorite place in the world.

Take two steps back to lose the slack without reeling. With one finger on the line, we wait.
A lesson in patience, feel the current dragging sinker and bait across the ribbed sandy floor of the Gulf. Resist the urge to set the hook. That’s not a fish. Dad has rehearsed this scenario a thousand times.
“You’ll know when it’s a fish. They’ll hit hard. When your pole dips down, be ready, pull back quick and set the hook! Get the slack out of that line, or they’ll take your bait.”

The steady waves try to knock you off your feet; take your focus away.
Just when you’re thinking about something back at home- school, girls, lunch….
BANG…It’s on!
Dad’s yelling encouragement from his shallow spot where, until now, he’s been head-down in a tangled mess.
“Keep that rod up. Reel it in, Son. You got him! Easy….take it easy. Keep that rod up! Bring him on the beach.”

Finally, after all those months of waiting for this trip, hours of driving down, all the time to rig everything up, cross the hot sand…there they are. Two five-pound-Whiting…shining in the sun.

I never realized then, so many years ago, how much effort Dad put into those trips, working so many months, paying all the bills, going through the motions day after day, so… that for two solid weeks… he could stand in the surf, waves pounding, waiting, waiting, only to catch a fish.

Texas Coast
The therapy of surf-fishing…

Was it the fish? Or, was it what the fish represented? How could a boy from Lubbock, Texas be so engulfed by salt water fishing? Was it given by his mother, Margaret Bradley, who set the Texas State record for Black Drum decades ago? Where did she get the salt-water bug?

I should have asked those questions then. I should have fished with my grandmother Margaret then. I have a collection of open-faced reels that she and Dad used. I don’t use them now for fear I will lose or destroy them. Should I place them in a box to be mounted on the wall? Should I use them now? Margaret would surely approve. Maybe my son or daughter could set a new state record with one of her reels. I think that’s exactly what I will do.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to share my salt-water fascination with my 11-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son. It’s a simple thing, really, but, as I write this, I realize why it is so emotional.

Our children look up to us, idolize us, want to grow up to be like us. We should let them; hold that dream in front of them. We know we are flawed. We know we all fall short. Let them imagine, for a moment, that we are the perfection they see through their eyes. Don’t poison that well; not just yet. We try sometimes, in vain, to protect them from reality and the pain of falling short. Instead, we should only teach them to reach. Failure will surely come. Persevere through the failures in life for that one moment; that one moment when it all comes together.

Every time that line goes tight, just before the strike, I focus on the possibilities. I never consider all those casts of the past that gained nothing. I clear my mind. Everything is as it should be. I thank God for the opportunity to share this salt-water world with my children.

No matter the outcome… for a brief moment… when that line goes tight, when my rod bends low, in the struggle to land that elusive fish…

I’m just like Dad.

Fun catching Speckled Trout
Two Trout – One Rig!

The Art of Paintball

Surrounded by 12-yr-olds…

What do you do when they’ve got you pinned down in the woods when there’s no way out?

Everyone has their own strategy.

Just getting warmed up.
Ready for action!

Do you wait for reinforcements?…boring & ineffective. Do you pull a “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid”?..might hurt a bit. Do you wonder, “Why did I sign up for this? & Why am I paying for this?”

It’s kinda like courage…you don’t really know how much you have in the tank until it’s time to use it.

How did you get into this predicament?

If you’re anything like me (a dude in his 50’s that runs with his teenage son to see if he still can), you probably want to spend some extra quality time with your family. This is the most precious and limited commodity of all.

Maybe some Rep with Discount Family Fun came by your office & filled you with visions of glories past, told you how paintball is great exercise and how you’d be so good at it…all believable and true.

Well, no matter the reason. If you find yourself hunkered down in this situation, I recommend…go for it! Cut your losses. Charge for the next fort or bunker or very wide tree, shooting from the hip and screaming like a banshee. You’ll probably get splattered from all angles from the cackling 12-yr-olds, but isn’t that the idea?

It’s like life…there’s no glory from the couch. Whatever happens, you’ll undoubtedly gain the respect of some wide-eyed kids as they watch you stumble through the woods with your Barry Sanders moves and geriatric Rambo tactics.

Ahh…memories…and bruises. Now, that’s my idea of quality family time.

  • See you at the field.

    Storm the drawbridge!
    One of the original and best Survival Game of Texas paintball fields…

Oldest Paintball Park in Texas Reaches 31 Years

Survival Game of Texas Paintball Park reaches 31st Anniversary!

Survival Game of Texas has attracted players from all over the world. Regular customers, numbering over 300 per day on any given weekend, keep coming back for the fantastic scenario fields and customer service.

Just getting warmed up.
Ready for action!

Their different scenarios include:
* Normandy,
* The Jungle,
* Vietnam Village,
* Old-West-Ghost-Town,
* Two 2-story Castles in the Woods and more…

Storm the drawbridge!
2-story Castles in the woods

Survival Game of Texas’ continued popularity has spanned generations. Owners Larry & Irma Cedillo are extremely excited about the growing momentum.  At his 30th Anniversary party, Larry said: ”When we opened back in 1984, everyone thought this was a fad, but business is better than ever. We’re on our 3rd generation now; we’re seeing our original customers’ grand kids.”

Paintball is so cool because Continue reading Oldest Paintball Park in Texas Reaches 31 Years

Asherman’s Paintball Birthday

Just getting warmed up.
Coming to getcha!

It was a day full of great memories for us all when we celebrated Asher’s 14th at Survival Game of Texas, in Houston. After 31 years of hosting paintball parties, Larry Cedillo, his wife Irma, sons Chris & Larry Jr. and all the staff truly set the bar high for our family fun.  Every staff member ensured our entertainment was top-notch.  Our referee, the consummate chaperone, kept ten 14 year-olds safe and entertained all day, making sure we enjoyed every minute.

We started out on the Old-West Ghost Town with John in command of five boys.  I took charge of the other five.  The first game ended with our ref calling time as we defended The Saloon to a standoff.

Watch the angles on this field! The Old-West-Ghost-Town is deceptively difficult.

The next game began with my boys looking to me for a strategy.  I split them down the sides while I did a suicide charge up the middle and Continue reading Asherman’s Paintball Birthday