Top 10 Reasons to Play Paintball

Top 10 Reasons to Play Paintball

  • Its a blast!
  • Great Family Activity!
  • Competitive, but even more fun.
  • Join the team, even with 1 or 2 players.
  • Rental gear is awesome; gets better every year.
  • Play year-round, especially in Texas.
  • Always designing new courses like Castles & Ghost Towns.
  • The Best “Team Building” events; great bonding & stories!
  • As a 50-year-old adult, I can still play with my kids.
  • Good exercise, adrenaline mixed w fear.

This is why I’ve been promoting Paintball for 25 years.
If you are a child at heart, come join the fun.

Play Paintball
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4-Hour Session
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VALID through DEC 2017

Semi-auto Marker
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Tickets VALID for use through Dec 2017

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Asherman’s Paintball Birthday

Just getting warmed up.
Coming to getcha!

It was a day full of great memories for us all when we celebrated Asher’s 14th at Survival Game of Texas, in Houston. After 31 years of hosting paintball parties, Larry Cedillo, his wife Irma, sons Chris & Larry Jr. and all the staff truly set the bar high for our family fun.  Every staff member ensured our entertainment was top-notch.  Our referee, the consummate chaperone, kept ten 14 year-olds safe and entertained all day, making sure we enjoyed every minute.

We started out on the Old-West Ghost Town with John in command of five boys.  I took charge of the other five.  The first game ended with our ref calling time as we defended The Saloon to a standoff.

Watch the angles on this field! The Old-West-Ghost-Town is deceptively difficult.

The next game began with my boys looking to me for a strategy.  I split them down the sides while I did a suicide charge up the middle and Continue reading Asherman’s Paintball Birthday